How to promote your business and music page on Facebook

promote your business page on FacebookToday's blog I'm going to show you how to promote your music, band, artists page on Facebook and you get more real followers and fans, likes and comments for your photos and posts. Why would you want to do that well there's a number of best ways to reach audiences you can go and buy some TV ads and radio ads, or even Google ads. But think about your music Facebook page or your Instagram business page. As more of your own advertising company the more woody and so far away is that you build up the more subscribers  that you can advertise to for free it's actually just a better idea, because the long term costs of very cheap. I'm gonna show you on how to promote your business page to get more US Facebook Page Likes (fans). I am through subtle art show you a different package that are promoted in the results we got. Sir this is a business page called predicts that are promoted I'm as you can see I spent $475. And out of there I got 919 followers so that means that every time I do a post on bricks his Facebook music page that up to 919 friends will see it and if I am correct with it such as hear it India FB friends of Syria. That was a one off investment that I can now promote to this audience for free. I am and break down the costs even more a cost 51 scenes.

promote your instagram followers and choose packageHer like of the music page and it reached over 36 people. You can say that that's really a Crichton investment from advertising perspective. So let's get into it time I'm going to promote this spinning planet Facebook band page. I go here to the spinning planet business FB page. The first thing you need to do is update your cover photo, because it needs to have information. That will be relevant to people when they see it and the in years fade so I've just updated Facebook would've done as I just added this text over here that sees what we do. Such as digital strategy internet marketing responsive web design and our 800 number you also need to change your short description because that's what is also gonna show up and then use fade and I'll show you what that looks like soon but this is where you change it you just click on settings got a page in phone. And then we go down to short description here. I am and it does need to be quite short so I changed mine too we hope inside businesses succeed online follow us for regular free tips and blogs. Let's go back to our page. Now let's have a look at what it's going to look like on mobile devices I'm and also give you a quick introduction to Facebook's advertising system. So what to the right here click on to audience, we want to go promote page. This gives us a preview of what it's going to look like someone a normal desktop it shows there spinning planet limited is posting that's he's the short description that I showed you just before he is the graphic. Again you could use a popular graphic it might be a photo of you or something like that. Then it shows more detail of what we do here. Switch to mobile view we can still say we've got a short description via room actually asking them to follow the page.

You want to ask them to follow it because stats showed that if you ask somebody to do something online there is far more chance that don't do it. I ask them to follow the page. This is important because you need to understand who your target market is done just advertise to the world because you don't want to talk at the world. In this example targeting only promised in North for people with interests in business and industry business marketing and all that sort of stuff. You see that my age group is really specific it's only from 30 to 50. It's on a woman and you say well why is that the case we've done a lot of research on at target markets. We know that promise to north this pretty much run by 40 year old women. He's the reason why let's say you're an accountant and you need and you website or you need and you serve us like adults who's the one who's going to find that information is not only your either your personal assistant or the office manager and they're typically a woman around about 40 years old. If you're building and you need to buy a new car who you gonna ask.

promote your Twitter followers and choose packageWell you're going to ask you what it's not only a woman that's around about 40 years old of course this will be different for you but really trying to focus it down because. With a cat a lot better for you you'll reach the people you want and the cost will actually be a lot lease because you're specifically targeting people and these more chance that they are like the package. Facebook is pretty good it just imagine what you should be spending so yep account gonna spend $12 it say but I'm only going to do it deceiving dies. I am what I could do it for longer but the reason I'm gonna do it to 7 days is I'm going to re assess the campaign at the end of it. You know see how well a wing how much it's costing me a pill like and how many active followers of god. There we have to do is click promote Twitter package. Thanks for creating an adverts. I'm bloody blah, of course it's getting reviewed by them now. I'm it's also asking me if I want to invite friends and so forth but. Something else I won't work worry about that but that's how easy it is to promote your face on Pat on Facebook pack, home Facebook's and build your followers omits can see we've got 355 likes at the moment. If you will that's organic we haven't actually paid to promotes. I'm on Facebook for spinning planet yet. Because it's not really a target market I'm that's more Twitter button will owe you all talk about that in a different block. So that's my blog on how to promote your face and your page on Facebook.

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